The purpose of patient portal is to securely transfer patient information that is globally accessible via internet. The healthcare providers, patients, and practitioners are able to access patient portals that are integrated with EHR systems. Patient portal integration offers many benefits to the healthcare facilities.


EHR integrated patient portals offer administrative benefits in which patients are allowed to register prior making any visit to their healthcare provider. This preregistration feature saves time for the doctors and also the cost and expenses for data entry. With patient portal integration facility, patients are liable to enter their registration details.


Data security is another benefit offered by integrated patient portal. Patients can expect a secure data exchange under patient portal integration facility. Such patient portals offer personal account and message box to the patients and are efficient in reviewing and replying and exchanging data with the providers.


The automated renewals of prescriptions can be done with integrated patient portals’ help. The system renews the prescription and refills without visiting to the practitioner. This saves travelling expenses and timings of the patient. Moreover, patients can book their appointments on the go using patient portal integration facility.


Lab results and reports are automatically reviewed via EHR integrated patient portal. In case of abnormal results, portal is efficient in scheduling appointment for the patient. Also, the reports generated within patient portals are electronic and thus, there is no paper records maintenance cost. Patients are able to make bill payments without physically present at the center.


All of these benefits can be availed by healthcare sector with patient portal integration. A reliable patient portal will be able to sustain all above benefits and will ensure quality performance and streamline workload of the practitioners. Patient portal is one of the key services that attract numerous healthcare providers, doctors and medical facilities.

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